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Project B14-00


1.  Total living space:    22,500 sq. ft.

2.  Parking lot:        6,344 sq. ft. equipped with fast chargers

3.  Units:        35

    a.  Studio:             15 units, 336 sq. ft. each; Estimated monthly rent:  $400/unit
    b.  One-bedroom:    6 units, 600 sq. ft. each; Estimated monthly rent:  $500/unit
    c.  Two-bedroom:   10 units, 672 sq. ft. each; Estimated monthly rent:  $600/unit
    d.  Three-bedroom:  4 units, 1, 200 sq. ft. each; Estimated monthly rent:  $700/unit

4.  Estimated revenue for parking lot (as an electric station):  $2,000/month

5.  Total revenue per month:    $19,800

6.  Total revenue per year:     $237,600

7.  Electric power plant (annual capacity):  125,000 kwh

8.  Electric power plant components:

    a.  Solar panels:          340 (66" x 39", 41 lbs. each)
    b.  Wind turbines:          70
    c.  Inverter:                      1
    d.  Electric bank battery:  2
    e.  Generac generators:    4 (60 kwh each)
    f.   Water sprinklers:         6 (on top of the roof)


9.  Steel tubing columns with wood engineering girders connected with elastic connections

10.  This project was calculated and designed to stand up to any natural phenomena.

Builder price:  $1,900,000  (The land is not included in this price.)

11.  $80/sq. ft. = $1,800,000 -- Finished living space

12.  Parking lot:  $100,000 -- Finished parking lot (fast electric chargers are included)

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